School is almost out!


I will be out of school soon. 6th grade was great. No complaints. I am looking forward to the cool camps I will be doing this summer. I have a few Hockey Goalie Camps on my agenda as well as an Architecture Camp. (I’m pretty sure building is part of my DNA, so I am really excited about it.) I am also excited about Brickworld in Chicago! If you love LEGO® and want to be impressed with amazing builds…Don’t miss it! You will see the best of the best. I walk around in awe the entire time we are at the show. I’m supposed to be helping in the BrickStix booth, but it is hard to keep me in there with all of the LEGO builds calling out to me. The public days are June 16-17. We have trips planned and BrickStix work to do. I am sure the summer will be full and go way too fast. I plan on making the most of every single day.

Hope to see you at Brickworld in Chicago!

Brick Boy Out.


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