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Why do so many ideas exist only in theory? The 7 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

  We all have passions and ideas. We are all creative in our own way. And we all come up with ideas, all of the time. We just don’t always act on them.  -Greyson MacLean (Inventor of BrickStix age 13) Many of us have been in a conversation at one point in our lives when […]

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Feeling Inspired at Horace Mann Elementary School

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to share my BrickStix journey with about 500 students at Horace Mann Elementary School. For about a week they had been told a special speaker was coming to their school. There were posters up and down the halls with famous inventors on them, and one in […]



The leaves are falling, the weather is crisp, and Trick-or-Treating is just around the corner. I am at the beginning of my 8th grade year. My mom is always saying how fast things are moving. I don’t feel quite the same, but it is hard to believe I came up with the idea for BrickStix […]


Ready, Set, Summer!

Summer has officially started. Yesterday was my first day home in 12 days. School got out and I went straight to Duluth for a week long hockey goalie camp. Then we drove back for 7 hours, got home, slept for 4 and drove 2 more hours to Brickworld in Chicago…


BrickStix Take Manhattan

I have been neglecting my blog lately. Sorry. School and hockey have kept me very busy. A lot has happened the past few months. Let’s see..I was a guest on Conan, I won the Tagie Award for Young Inventor of the Year, my BrickStix are on display at the National Museum of Play, our new […]



Things have been really crazy around here. I’ve been nominated for the Young Inventor of the Year Tagie Award and now I’m packing up to be on Conan! What? I’m not sure what to say about it, other than, crazy. I never imagined anything like this happening. No matter what happens with the award, I […]


Vote for Greyson MacLean

Shameless plug for my boy. I have hijacked his blog. He would feel weird asking for votes. I don’t. A  group of Toy Professionals have nominated Greyson for the TAGIE Award Young Inventor of the Year. He is one of three, and can only win if he get the most votes. No matter what happens, […]