BrickStix Meet Brickworld

BrickWorld3I went to Brickworld Chicago for the first time last week. My whole family went to show the LEGO fans our BrickStix Clings and new Mod Stix. There were so many people and so many LEGO bricks everywhere you looked. It was amazing. Tons of brilliant builds all in one place! I asked a lot of questions and came home full of ideas. I learned how to make walls curve and different ways to use your bricks. I brought home lots of cool minifigs, BrickArms and other accessories. One of my favorite things I bought at Brickworld was the LEGO Architecture set Farnsworth House. Did I mention I met Adam Reed Tucker the architect behind LEGO Architecture! How cool is that! He was really nice and even signed the boxes they came in (my sisters each got one too). We built our sets as soon as we got home. They are awesome.

Thanks to all of the builders for all of their tips and advice. I am already working on a MOC for next year. If you love LEGO, you should check out Brickworld next year.

Brick Boy Out.

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