BrickStix Take Manhattan


I have been neglecting my blog lately. Sorry. School and hockey have kept me very busy. A lot has happened the past few months. Let’s see..I was a guest on Conan, I won the Tagie Award for Young Inventor of the Year, my BrickStix are on display at the National Museum of Play, our new Mod line debuted, Toy Fair happened and we just got back from NYC. Why was I in New York?…I was on the Martha Stewart Show. Everyone has been really excited about it. It still feels weird having all of these things happening. I have no idea what will happen next, but it sure will be fun to find out.

We had a video shoot this weekend and a photoshoot too. There were bricks everywhere! I am really glad we started this business–there is never a brick shortage at my house.

I’ll try to do better keeping up.
Brick Boy Out

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