Regular Kid

BrickStixBlog7Hi, I’m Greyson, some people call me Grey. I’m the dreamer of BrickStix. I’m just a regular kid who goes to school, plays hockey, loves reading and brick building!  I’ll be writing this blog now and then to let you know what’s happening with BrickStix, and to show you some Stix creations. It has been cool making BrickStix. It was my idea, but I could not have done it alone. My whole family is involved. Even my sisters have ideas! I think kids can do anything. My mom agrees. We have ideas all of the time, everyone does.

Now that BrickStix are out in the world, it’s been fun reading what people think of them. And it’s been really cool to see people are interested in other countries. I hope you like BrickStix as much as I do. I took this picture of my latest creation. I call it, “This room needs a shovel.”   It would be really cool if you sent me some of the ways you use your BrickStix. We could make a BrickStix Art Museum. Maybe we need a better name. I’ll work on it.

Brick Boy Out.

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