Which Stix are right for you?


Reusable Stickers

Won't leave ick on your brick. Unlike regular stickers, BrickStix Reusable Stickers have a special adhesive that won’t ruin bricks. They come off clean!
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Cling Decals

Change your Stix as often as you change your mind. BrickStix Cling Decals are reusable, removable and restickable. They work using static cling.
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MiniType Reusable Stickers

Bricks can't speak for themselves. These cool sets can be used to spell, create early writer phrases and sentences, count, stack poems and more.
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Hear from the Inventor


“It’s taught me that if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you. And a lot of hard work gets really great results.”

Greyson MacLean, Dreamer

“Rule number one in my house…school comes first. Everything else second. I have lots of time to be a kid. My invention is a toy, even when I am working, it’s fun”

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